[2021/10/08] Creepy Tales of StoryMaple

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    Welcome to the event '' Creepy Tales of StoryMaple '' !

    Its the spooky season!
    We are all from different parts of the world and may celebrate Halloween differently. However, in StoryMaple, we're all one and the same.

    Thus, Lets come together and share our creepy/scary experiences that either we've experienced or someone that we know has experienced.

    Don't worry! Even if you've been blessed and have not been visited by our paranormal friends..... You can use your imagination and come up with an interestingly creepy story!

    In this event, you are required to write up a Horror short story that is at least 2 paragraphs long.
    The stories that are really creepy and well executed will be receiving in-game prizes!

    1st place - Mount Box & 2,000,000 NX
    2nd place - Mount Box & 1,000,000 NX
    3rd place - Mount Box & 500,000 NX

    *Mount Boxes received from this event will not be tradable

    If you do not fall under one of the above-mentioned categories, fret not!
    All participating entries will receive a participating prize.

    A ring set:


    To ensure that your entries are valid,

    Your post should include:

    1) Your IGN that you would like to be rewarded on.
    2) Whether its based on true-events / a story that you created

    3) Your story

    We're excited to see your creative juices flowing through and lighting up our space!

    *Entries will be closed on 5th November 2021 at 12:00 Server time.
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    1) IGN: Cheerful
    2) Non - Friction
    3) This story goes back to the days when I was conscripted and our Tango (team of 5) have to complete a navex (1D, 1N Navigation Exercise) with different checkpoints to cover throughout the course in an area near Upper Pierce Reservoir. Because of the dense nature of the forest, it is quite easy for individuals to get lost in the woods (and never get out of it, jk). We were only given 1 day worth of field ration, compasses, maps and markers to keep track of our own locations as we go about the different checkpoints. There was this moment where we traverse into the depth of the forest and found several creepy dolls hanging around, and one of the prominent dolls we have noticed had an unusual aura (cause it has red hair and wearing a red dress).

    Our Tango decided that we should backtrack out of the creepy area using the same path and just as we left the area, our navigator and plotter noticed that one doll (red hair and red dress) was facing us as we exit (it shouldn't be facing us cause we are heading back out the same track!). They screamed at the top of their lungs and ran out immediately (and we followed suit). The rest of our tango (people behind the navigator and plotter) didn't know what happened (why they scream and ran) but after calming down, we realised that the doll actually moved on its own! We shared our horrific story the next day with the rest of the tangos and interestingly, none of them had managed to track into the creepy doll area (maybe that area didn't even exist, who knows! But it was damn creepy)!

    PS: There are also some more paranormal stories from a few navex in Brunei where people got possessed during the night but I guess I shall save this story for the next Halloween :P
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    1. char
    2. Nonfiction
    3. Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Around 4:12 AM. Six friends and I finally arrived in California after a holiday weekend trip to Seattle (~870 miles or 1400 km away). As we're driving in our college neighborhood, my friend abruptly brakes, disrupting everyone's sleep. I open my eyes to see that a strange lady flagged us down. The lady walks over to the right side of the passenger seat, and my friend foolishly rolls down the entire window. She asks us, "Can I get a ride? I'm lost. I don't know where I am. Help." Immediately, we suggest that we will call the police to help her, all while my friend prepares to drive off right away if she attempts to get inside the van. While she is standing there, we waive her off as we drive away.

    About two blocks later, we are at one of my friend's house to drop him off. I walk outside in case my friend needed help carrying luggage, and I jokingly said, "I'm looking to the right, in case the lady followed us."

    Well, sure enough, I see the lady. I'm telling everyone to get back inside the van right away. My friend, however, is already closing the door before I even get in. The lady is approaching closer. I'm scared. I force the door to open once more and immediately close it once I'm inside. We dial to call the police. The lady approaches closer. We explain the situation to the police. Once we are done, she's gone.

    To this day, when I drive or go to that same friend's house, I take the same route we took that same day. I shit my pants every time I make that turn. Hope she's okay though.
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    1) iLex
    2) happened to me at my old job LMFAOOOOO idk if spoopy tho im very oblivious
    3) So like, I used to be a part-time cashier for retail and sometimes I get yeeted to random ass locations because of the r0na situation we were very short on staff. So one of the locations was at a very ulu ulu area, a very secluded area. I think it was right next to a temple too. Under a hotel too. It's also not 24/7 so I have to close the store. Didn't like that location other than not much customers. And usually I work the afternoon shift which ends at 11pm. Spooky time. It also feels abit eerie when I turn off all the lights. I think I recall being angry for no reason at all when there too. So, this location has a bao machine, like a steaming machine. And if there's any leftovers the staffs can either throw it away or bring some home. Cuz you can't just refreeze the baos wth. So I usually toss them out at the trashbin at the back. But one night I was like, being a fatass and hungry so I took some home.

    On the way home though the whole time I felt hella nauseous though. Was like damn do the stuffs wanna eat their baos from the trashcan issit then angry at me cuz I took them home. I just tossed the baos at some other trashcan and I felt so much better afterwards lmao. Weirdchamp. I never really saw anything I shouldn't be seeing which is nice. But I'm sorta blind too so that's a plus too. I ditched that job already though I ain't some toy stop tossing me to weird locations. I don't think anything bad spooky ever happened to me or I just forgot. But yeah. Bao ghosts. Oh I think it was during the hungry ghost festival too. Yikies.