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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Pros & Cons
    3. AP Builds
    4. Skill Point Attribution
    5. Equipment Progression
    6. Tips

    1. Introduction
    Welcome all to the StoryMaple Hero Guide! I am honored to be able to write up a guide for one of my all time favorite classes of Old-school MapleStory. The playstyle Heroes is focused on acquiring and maintaining their combo orbs in order to tremendously boost their damage. After acquiring combo orbs, Heroes can use certain skills at the cost of their combo orbs in order to debuff enemies or boost their attack even more. Heroes are excellent at expedition bosses, moreso at bosses that have multiple segments such as Zakum's Arms, or Horntail's body parts. This is because their main attacking skill Brandish is able to hit up to 3 monsters twice, dealing consistent damage to multiple segments for hastier boss clears.

    Weapon Types: Sword or Axe?
    Heroes are capable of equipping either a Sword or an Axe (one-handed or two-handed). Currently, the best weapon for Heroes to equip is Sword as they promise to yield a more consistent damage and thus yield to higher DPS than Axes over time. Axes gain a damage bonus or a penalty depending on the attack animation, broken up into either a swing or a stab. While Axes have the potential to hit a higher damage peak during a swing, Axes would lose more DPS from stabs making them insufficient when compared to Swords. Let this not dissuade you from playing the game however way you feel. Axe Heroes, while rare, will definitely make you stand out from the rest.

    One-Handed or Two-Handed?
    In the current meta, Two-Handed Swords are much preferred due to it having a superior damage formula when compared its One-Handed counterpart.

    General Formula:
    MAX = (Primary Stat + Secondary Stat) * Weapon Attack / 100
    MIN = (Primary Stat * 0.9 * Skill Mastery + Secondary Stat) * Weapon Attack / 100

    Stats and Multipliers:
    One Handed Sword
    Primary: STR * 4.0
    Secondary: DEX

    Two Handed Sword
    Primary: STR * 4.6
    Secondary: DEX

    One-Handed Swords are often looked down upon due to them dealing less damage and having shorter range of attacks. This shouldn't completely repel aspiring Heroes from going One-Handed completely however. In fact, One-Handed Swords all have faster speeds on their weapons unlike most Two-Handed, allowing for an improved DPS without completely relying on Speed Infusion. Another benefit of One-Handed is the ability to use of shields which can also be scrolled with Weapon Attack. In theory, this set-up if scrolled godly could be better than Two-Handed. One-Handed wielding Heroes also have access to exclusive skills that aid in their survivability, which can save you a lot on potion consumption or help you survive a lethal attack.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to funding, Two-Handed Swords are far easier and cheaper to fund. If you do decide on going One-Handed I would strongly recommend having a universal shield so it can benefit classes that can equip them such as Hero, Paladin, or Shadower.

    2. Pros & Cons
    • High damage
    • High base HP without HP washing
    • Easy to learn, easy to master
    • Able to tank all kinds of damage, allowing for players to simply hold their attack skill and reposition if knocked back
    • Flashy skills
    • Popular Late/Endgame weapons are easily farmable and relatively cheap to create
    • Lack of mobility, without party buffs mounts will be the most optimal means of transportation
    • Accuracy can be an issue for new or unfunded players
    • Training to fourth job will require you to use your first job skills as your main attack
    • Heroes have many skills that do not require any investment, which can make training feel sluggish

    3. AP Builds
    The main Ability Points that Warriors use are Strength (STR) as their primary stat, and Dexterity (DEX) as their secondary stat. DEX is required for Warriors to increase their accuracy as well as being able to equip certain equipment such as a Stonetooth Sword which has a DEX requirement of 120. It is highly recommended that Heroes have their base DEX (points gained from level ups) kept at a minimum in order for skills such as Maple Warrior as well as stats gained from Linked Levels to be higher.

    DEXLESS Build (Recommended)
    All AP into STR while DEX remains at 4
    Dexless builds as the name implies means after every level, all 5 AP will be pumped into your main stat. This build is much easier the more funded you are but is not impossible for new players to be able to pull it off just as well. The struggle of a Dexless builds is the levelling especially early on where the lack of accuracy may hinder you. To remedy this, it is recommended to have a few DEX equips as well as Maple Weapons to boost your accuracy. If you are planning on equipping a Stonetooth Sword as late or endgame, DEX can be acquired by levelling your Dharma ring where every 10 quests completed gives +2 all stats. Otherwise, all endgame equipment and most weapons do not have a DEX requirement.

    LOW DEX Build
    Approximately 30-50 AP applied to DEX, rest into STR
    This build is only recommended to those who are not planning to main the class and only require this class for Linked Levels. This build allows for warriors to gain the accuracy necessary to attack monsters or to be able to equip a Stonetooth Sword without having to do too many quests. It is important to note however, that it is possible to transition easily from LOW DEX to DEXLESS by the use of AP Resets (APR) which in this server only cost
    1 Million mesos through the NPC Cody or by using the '@cody' command.

    REGULAR DEX Build (Highly unrecommended)
    60+ base DEX
    I cannot recommend this build to anyone with the exception to those who want a classic MapleStory experience. This build will allow players to not have to worry about accuracy, DEX equipment, or questing while at the cost of dealing significantly lower damage than most others. REGULAR DEX Builds can transition to the other builds by use of APR, albeit at a very high cost.


    Level 10-12: Improving HP Recovery (5), +2 Improving Max HP Increase
    Level 13-15: Improving Max HP Increase (10), +1 Power Strike
    Level 16-22: Slash Blast (20), +1 Power Strike (2)
    Level 23-28: Power Strike (20)
    Level 29-30: Anything (6)

    The most important skill to max out right away is Improving Max HP Increase hands down. The increase to your HP from this skill is applied after level ups so maxing this skill first will allow you to gain more free HP which can only benefit you as you level later on. Next, you should max Slash Blast as it will serve as your mobbing skill allowing for easier training. Power Strike is maxed after for a decent single target attack skill. The remaining 6 AP can be applied to any skill you please.


    Level 30-36: 3 Sword Mastery (19)
    Level 37-43: 3 Sword Booster (20), 1 Power Guard (1)
    Level 44: 3 Rage (3),
    Level 45: 2 Power Guard (2), 1 Sword Mastery (20)
    Level 46-53: Power Guard (30)
    Level 54-70: 49 Anything except FA (53)

    This guide will be focused on the use of swords, but if you wish to use Axes feel free to follow along using the Axe variants of the skills listed above. It is recommended that you level Mastery for the weapon of your choosing first as Mastery increases minimum damage, thus making your damage more consistent. We leave it at level 19 because maxing it would only give you +1 accuracy without giving you anymore Mastery. Next we max out Booster for the weapon you levelled Mastery for allowing for smoother training. After maxing Power Guard and one point into Mastery the rest is up to you. Personally I like to max out the Axe skills which gives me the option to equip and use an axe if I ever choose to do so. Where ever you decide to allocate these points do not invest any into Final Attack.

    Why no Rage?
    The reason why Rage was left out was because of how little it is actually used. Although the skill was slightly buffed, it is overshadowed by Warrior Elixirs which can be purchased in New Leaf City which grants the same amount of Attack but lasts longer (8 minutes) without any decreases to stats. The only positive Rage has is the ability to maybe save some mesos, but this is negligible considering the mesos spent on Warrior Elixirs can easily be made back in no time. Ultimately Rage becomes a hinderance especially in Boss expeditions where the party buff would override any attack buffs or attack potions they may be using; making everyone in your party weaker. You can max it if you have no place else to place points, but it's nothing to lose sleep over.

    Why no Final Attack?
    Placing any points into Final Attack (FA) would make your DPS drop significantly. The damage stated in the skill description is ultimately spread out depending on how many monsters you are attacking, making it far weaker than just attacking them again. Because FA is a passive skill, meaning there is no way of turning it off, it is best to avoid FA at all costs.


    Level 70-80: Combo Attack (30), 1 Coma
    Level 81-90: Coma (30), 1 Panic
    Level 91-100: Panic (30), 1 Shout
    101-120: Anything except FA(60)

    Crusader is a very straight forward, the only skill that is a must to max is Combo Attack, any skills after is optional. I say this because there are really no situations where using your combo orbs to deal debuffs is necessary. However, I include them here in this guide because it really isn't that terrible when training in third job. Coma attacks multiple monsters with a basic attack of 200% when maxed and has a 90% chance of stunning monsters at the cost of all combo orbs. What I like to do is when my Combo Orbs are about to expire, I would attack using Coma, then directly after refresh my orbs by pressing the hotkey assigned for Combo Attack. The damage from Coma is quite significant and possible debuff inflicted is a bonus. Doing so would also reset my Combo Orbs and buff. Technically the Combo Attack Orbs will reset upon using either Coma or Panic, but the duration is reduced if not manually reset. But because having your Combo Orbs up is more beneficial due to the increase in damage, resetting them after using one of these skills is far more helpful in the long run.

    Panic is maxed after and it shares the same mechanic as Coma where it is used before Combo Attack expires. The only main difference is that Panic is a single target attack skill with 350% damage, which makes it excellent for dealing with single target monsters or area bosses. I would recommend putting at least 1 point into Shout since it has a chance of stunning monsters at a 52% chance at level 1, but the range of the attack isn't anything to write home about regardless of its skill level. Still, having a skill that can stun monsters without the cost of Combo Orbs adds to the utility of Heroes, which is quite useful. Lastly, Shield Mastery only increases base weapon defense of shields and which is negligible for most shields currently in the game. I would only max it out if you really need a place to put your Skill Points or at a later level. Lastly, MP Recovery and Armor Crash is useless unless just using it for fun.


    Recommended Priority of Skills to Max:
    Blue = Hero Fundamentals, Purple = Bossing Essentials, Gold = Helpful

    Level 120: 1 Rush (1), 2 Brandish (2)
    Level 121-127: Brandish (21), 2 Advanced Combo Attack (2)
    Level 128-137: Advanced Combo Attack (30), 2 Brandish (23)
    Level 138-140: Brandish (30), 1 Power Stance (1), 1 Monster Magnet (1)
    Level 141-150: Power Stance (30), 1 Enrage (1)
    Level 151-160: Enrage (30), 1 Achilles (1)
    Level 161-170: Achilles (30), 1 Hero's Will (1)
    Level 171-177: Rush (20), 2 Hero's Will (3)
    Level 178: Hero's Will (5), 1 Monster Magnet (2)
    Level 179-188: Monster Magnet (30), 2 Rush (22)
    Level 189-191: Rush (30), 1 Maple Warrior (1)
    Level 191-198: Maple Warrior (20), 2 Anything except FA (2)
    Level 199-250: Anything except FA (155)
    1. Advanced Combo Attack (30)
    2. Brandish (30)
    3. Power Stance (30)
    4. Enrage (30)
    5. Achilles (30)
    6. Hero's Will (5)
    7. Rush (30)
    8. Monster Magnet (30)
    9. Maple Warrior (20)
    10. Guardian (Useless unless One-Handed)
    Upon reaching fourth job, you will acquire 3 SP. I recommend putting 1 SP into Rush and 2 into Brandish. Rush is the bread and butter move for all warriors and will be used quite frequently for training and bossing, as it will help with mobility as well as grouping up monsters before finishing them off. Brandish will be your main attacking skill but will need to be levelled up in order to be able to hit more monsters. The number of monsters Brandish hits will be raised by 1 after levels 11 and 21 so books will be required if expected to fully replace Slash Blast. Power Stance is invaluable for both bossing and training as it has a chance to negate knockback upon being hit by a monster or their attack. This aids in increasing DPS because the less you are required to reposition means the more you are able to deal more damage. Rush is a some-what low priority skill to maximize because levelling it will increase damage and the distance monsters are pushed back. This can be helpful for training but aside from that isn't really needed. Although Rush is required for Boss Expeditions such as 'The Boss' and 'Castellan Toad', other jobs such as Dark Knights will likely fill those roles whereas Heroes will be designated to DPS. The same goes for Monster Magnet where its primary use as Hero will be to remove Weapon Cancel from bosses or to drag out monsters from Castellan Toad. Levelling it will increase the success rate of the skill, which is helpful but isn't necessary. Maple Warrior is interesting because while it is nice to have it shares the same boat where it is not exactly needed as other classes in your expedition or training party will likely have it. If you have access to these books, feel free to use them but they are essentially not a requirement as a Hero. Following this skill build for Hero will also enable you to have the bare essentials in skills that are necessary to clear the expedition bosses at their respective level milestones

    Burst Skill: Enrage
    With the exclusion of easily farmable and over powered attack potions, this is where this guide diverts slightly from other class guides from other private servers. This is because Enrage is actually a very important skill for Heroes in this server as it serves as a significant attack buff more potent than Special Brews (the current best attack potion) at the cost of Combo Orbs, which stacks with the already high increase in attack that Advanced Combo Attack provides. The cooldown for Enrage can be Time leaped by Buccaneers allowing for Heroes to potentially have a longer period of time to deal devastating amounts of damage.

    Utility of Monster Magnet
    Unlike other popular private servers, Monster Magnet is a very useful skill and is almost necessary to use in some Boss Expeditions. This slightly has to do with the removal of negating Weapon Cancels for the entire party which is often used by the Zakum and Horntail boss monsters. Instead, warriors can use Monster Magnet to remove Weapon Cancel for themselves (but not the rest of the party) allowing them to continue to dish out damage while the rest of the party waits for the buff to expire. Monster Magnet is also used in the Castellan Toad boss to draw out the support monsters if for whatever reason Rush fails to push monsters or the designated Rush mule is seduced/missing from the map.

    Currently, the best equipment set in the game is the Inert set which has a level requirement as well as a Nirvana requirement of 750. If you are unsure about what nirvana is you can check out my Nirvana guide by clicking here. On top of having the best stats, the inert gears have weapon attack which can be improved by using Chaos Scrolls or Chaos Scroll of Goodness. Because of how much Attack influences range in comparison to raw stats, it is always beneficial to scroll inert equipment that has base attack with Chaos equivalent scrolls. Inert Overall and weapons should be scrolled with 10% scrolls however as the gains are consistent and do not have a chance of yielding less when upgrading.

    The following weapons are the recommended weapons that you should use. Keep in mind you are not expected to have access to every weapon, these are just a list of weapons to consider when you reach a level to upgrade. Sometimes, a weapon of a higher level requirement may not always give better attack, so some due diligence is expected before you make the upgrade. The weapon attack posted next to each weapon is the average attack, every weapon has the potential to have a range of -5 or +5 of the average attack.

    One-Handed Swords
    • Level 35: Maple Sword 48 Attack
    • Level 40: Glowing Whip 70 Attack
    • Level 43: Maple Soul Singer 60 Attack
    • Level 64: Maple Glory Sword 81 Attack
    • Level 70: Astral Blade 86 Attack
    • Level 100: Sparta 98 Attack
    • Level 100: Black Crystal Blade 99 Attack
    • Level 110: Dragon Carabella 103 Attack
    • Level 200: Inert Executioners 114 Attack <ENDGAME>
    Two-Handed Swords
    • Level 50: Tiger's Fang 72 Attack
    • Level 50 : Japanese Map 68 Attack
    • Level 64: Maple Soul Rohen 83 Attack
    • Level 100: Stonetooth 101 Attack <ENDGAME>
    • Level 110: Dragon Claymore 105 Attack
    • Level 200: Inert Nibleheim 119 Attack <ENDGAME>
    One-Handed Axes
    • Level 30: Green Paint Brush 48 Attack
    • Level 40: Blue Counter 57 Attack
    • Level 45: Hula Hoop 64 Attack
    • Level 64: Maple Steel Axe 81 Attack
    • Level 100: Tomahawk 98 Attack
    • Level 110: Dragon Axe 103 Attack
    • Level 200: Inert Bardiche 114 Attack <ENDGAME>
    Two-Handed Axes
    • Level 35: Niam 57 Attack
    • Level 43: Maple Dragon Axe 68 Attack
    • Level 64: Maple Demon Axe 85 Attack
    • Level 70: Crescent Moon 90 Attack
    • Level 90: Colonian Axe 97 Attack
    • Level 110: Dragon Battle Axe 112 Attack
    • Level 200: Inert Tabarzin 119 Attack <ENDGAME>
    In the current Hero meta, two-handed swords such as Stonetooth Sword, Dragon Claymore, and Inert Nibleheim reigns supreme. However, there is the possibility that one-handed sword users may come out on top when the new shields are released. Currently there is no way of obtaining a Maple Shield aside from the Warrior, thief, and mage equivalents gained from LMPQ. The only other common shield is the Black Phoenix Shield which is quite useful do to it being able to be transferrable to Shadowers who also use shields.
    • Level 20: Maple Shield (10 Upgrades) <ENDGAME>
    • Level 20: Black Phoenix Shield
    • Level 64: Maple Warrior Shield
    • Level 200: Inert Kite Shield [Unreleased] <ENDGAME>
    • Level 20: Bathrobe
    • Level 70: Bosshunter Armor
    • Level 80: Battle Lord/Empress
    • Level 200: Inert Taragon <ENDGAME>
    • Level 10: White Work Gloves (Scrolled with Attack)
    • Level 10: Brown Work Gloves (Scrolled with Attack)
    • Level 100: Korben
    • Level 200: Inert Bergamot <ENDGAME>
    • Level 21: Green Strap Shoes
    • Level 30: Squishy Shoes
    • Level 50: Yellow Snowshoes
    • Level 50: Facestompers
    • Level 200: Inert Grabbe <ENDGAME>

    Once you have gotten to the point where you can equip Inert Equipment, it is recommended that you get them on a character you wish to main. This is because upgrading Inert equipment is a rather large investment. Upgrading two or more Inerts at the same time will indubitably spread your funds dry.

    This is the point in the progression where things start to really slow down. Once you have used up all your upgrade slots on your Inert gear, the only way to upgrade them further is by use of Soul Scrolls which depending on the stats and level of the equipment, have the potential of increasing stats by a large amount. The only way to produce these scrolls however is by obtaining a Sun Crystal which can be obtained by defeating the boss Lilynouch which can only be defeated on one account, once a day, no exceptions (meaning, alternate accounts will not count). Sun Crystals have a small chance of being obtained this way. The other way is by getting lucky in Gachapon with an even less chance of getting anything worthwhile from it, much less a Sun Crystal or a Soul Scroll.

    6. Tips
    Achilles reduces the amount of damage that is taken which helps out a lot not only in the survivability aspect but also reduces the efficacy of 1/1 attacks by bosses. This means while other classes without Achilles when hit by a 1/1 attack, their HP and MP drops to 1, but with Achilles you may be left with about 2 or 3k HP left. This is helpful if your reaction time isn't great but you will likely not be able to tank another powerful hit.

    Hero's Will is important for Boss Expeditions that Seduce, which will take control away from players for a certain amount of time also removing their ability to use potions for healing. When casting Hero's Will, it will remove the Seduce status effect as well as completely heal you. It is important to note however that players cannot use Hero's Will when stunned or have insufficient MP (Hero's Will requires 30MP to cast). This is crucial because bosses that can 1/1 such as Horntail and Chaos Zakum are able to do so after casting seduce resulting in an inability to use potions or cast Hero's Will. If any class is in this situation, the best thing to do is to simply log off as fast as possible since the next attack will likely lead to your demise. You will lose your buffs such as Enrage, Echo, or any other attack potions but you will be able to return to the boss expedition.

    Edited 9/18/2021: Added Recommended Priority or Skills, added Tips section, format changes and grammar

    Special Thanks to Shan (Roan) for feedback and suggested changes on guide
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    hero supremacy

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    Personally I think the reducing of defense by Rage can be covered by iron body (+40) or Bless (+20), which can saves mesos from buying WA pot in early level training.
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    Awesome guide, hope to see more of these!
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    True, but you aren't always guaranteed to have access to those buffs at all times. Warrior Elixirs are also accessible as soon as you arrive to Victoria Island so you can use them in first job which helps with levelling.

    The reduced weapon defense isn't the big issue considering that most endgame gear after soul scrolls will be giving you 600+weapon defense in a single slot. The main issue with Rage is that it is a party buff that overrides weapon attack. Meaning if you used Rage in a party that is using Special Brews, Ciders, or have Enrage/Concentrate up, using Rage would reduce your and their attack making them have to waste time because of cooldowns or use another attack potion because you wanted to save 5k mesos (equivalent to 2-3 monsters at Nintos or Temple of Time).

    I personally consider Rage a troll skill to use if I feel like being a jerk to everyone in my boss runs and not want to be invited to future runs
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    Ya, definitely not to use during party raids. But can be quite useful during solo train up before getting enrage