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    Punishments may vary.

    Harassment and abusive behaviors are not allowed.
    We expect everyone to use their better judgment when conducting themselves online. Treat everyone with respect. Discrimination based on different backgrounds or views is not tolerated here.

    Avoid public disputes.
    Resolve disputes through direct messages. Some reasonable banter is allowed but heated discussion is best to be avoided. If needed, serious matters may be resolved by messaging one of the Gamemasters.

    The use of third party tools, online services or exploits to accelerate one's gameplay progress is not allowed in any way.
    The use of third party software, online services or exploits to accelerate one's gameplay progress is not allowed in any way, including using keyweights or botting programs. If you are unsure about whether something is allowed or not, please contact our Gamemasters for confirmation.

    Do not spam.
    Do not spam the forums or the Discord server. Do not spam Super Megaphones in-game. Doing either of these activities may lead to you being muted or booted.

    Impersonating another player is not allowed. Especially do not impersonate a Gamemaster.
    Impersonation, especially with malicious intent, may lead to a termination of your services on all accounts.

    Real World Trading (RWT) is not allowed on this server in any form whatsoever.
    You may not sell in-game accounts, goods or services for real life currency. We encourage players to report any suspected real world transactions.

    Advertising is not allowed.
    Do not advertise unrelated products or services. Especially do not advertise products or services for personal gain, unless permitted to by the Administration.

    Account sharing is allowed.
    You may share accounts. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to investigate real world trading (RWT) of accounts in the event of suspicious account sharing.
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